HI There! my name is

Nouran zedan

I'm a Visual Designer, Webflow Expert, and UI/UX Designer

Recent work

SG software

Visual Design & Animation

Working with the SG team to bring to life their new products. I was responsible for redesigning their website while creating visuals that best describe different elements SG software makes.

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ai music

Visual design & Animation

Implementing new website designs, exploring the effects of applying the latest techniques in artificial intelligence to music creation.

I had the opportunity to work directly with this organisation to rebrand the website, create infographics and animate their products.

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Bridge app

Case Study

An app that lets members access an entire community of creators & entrepreneurs. Discuss ideas, find or list opportunities, book conference rooms, workspace, and more. Stay connected and stay productive anytime, anywhere.

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About me & my work

Visual Design, UI, WebFlow & Animation

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I specialise in designing websites, communicating with developers, and visually design websites in Webflow. At this point, I'm really exploring everything no-code-related to be able to turn my own or my client's ideas into real projects faster without involving complex teams. I'm also passionate and known for creating digital products and design systems.

My key skills lie in creating design systems, websites/apps while animating elements using Lottie. I have worked with clients from early startups to well-established companies.

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