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ai music

AI music is exploring the effects of applying the latest techniques in artificial intelligence to music creation. My role was to redesign the website and create animations to describe their products.


AI music is a startup which delves into artificial intelligence in music and they had several products that they wanted to introduce, but they didn't know how to showcase it in a way where people outside of the industry can relate and understand.



sympaphonic tool understands the essence of the music being played and takes that information to find the perfect track for your audio advert

Creative studio

This product allows a brand or agency to dynamic create numerous musical audio adverts within a matter of minutes, each appealing to a different demographic, activity or genre. By plugging into our targeting infrastructure, the adverts appeal to a wider and targeted audience.

Music discovery

AI powered search engine that can analyse your music catalogue and extract information from each track (genre, BPM, key, mood, energy, instrumentation)