Bridge app

An app that lets members access an entire community of creators & entrepreneurs. Discuss ideas, find or list opportunities, book conference rooms, workspace, and more. Stay connected and stay productive anytime, anywhere.

Case Study
Art Direction
Nouran Zedan

The Challenge

Being a digital nomad requires a lot of organisation and logistics, and in some cases can negatively affect career development. This false image of working remotely, inspired me to design an app that can easily facilitate users needs of working remotely.

- Difficulty finding the right place to work that is specific to your needs.

- Being a freelancer (digital nomad) means working alone most of the time, which can hinder on socially interacting with people in the same industry.

- Trouble booking a spot in a co-working space on the go.

User persona

At the start of this project I needed to clearly define who I was designing for in order to tailor the experience to their needs. I created a persona to better understand and empathise with the users. My persona helped to personalise the data and insights that I gathered during my research. It was also helpful as a reference guide when I encountered difficult design decisions later on in the project.

user flow

The Feed helps with finding Job opportunities or people to collaborate with, with easy access to events happening in the area to socialise , explore new opportunities, and market your talents for future clients.

After selecting a location you can find the facilities accessible, check reviews and reserving the time and date you want to book a space for your meeting or Just a space to work on your projects.

Logging in to your feed
Searching for co-working space
Check availability and
reserve workspace

Bridge app